Crummer Connections Podcast & Video Series: Serg Albino MBA’10

In this show, host J.B. Adams interviews Serg Albino, Co-Founder and CEO of ecoSpears, an impact venture delivering cost-effective and eco-friendly cleantech solutions to destroy persistent organic pollutants from our land and waterways. Mr. Albino is a serial entrepreneur with a long career in technology, engineering, and consulting. He graduated from Crummer in 2010 as a part of SMBA 05. 

Listen as he shares:
  • How his company ecoSPEARS finds innovative solutions to challenging environmental problems
  • The challenges he overcame immigrating from the Philippines to live in New York City and then Orlando
  • His experience as an aerospace engineer and how he came to study at Crummer.
  • How he applied lessons from the Crummer domestic consulting course to his approach as a consultant

Production by Victor Media Group, Inc.
Creator / Host: J.B. Adams
Executive Producer: Gerard Mitchell
Video Production: Jeremy Harmsen
Production Assistance: Gerardo Abril

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