About VMG

Founded in 2020, Victor Media Group (VMG) is an independent media company dedicated to creating transformation through inspiration. We provide high-quality content—on the topics of leadership, business, technology, society and culture, and personal and professional development—to a community of people who never stop learning.


It’s the mission of Victor Media Group to make the world a better place by making ourselves better people.


We’re in a state of continuous growth and improvement, both as an organization and as individuals. Look to VMG to be your source for compelling, engaging, and substantive storytelling that makes a difference.

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Meet the team that brings Victor Media Group to life.

Gerard Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

J.B. Adams

Chief Creative Officer

Clara Mount

Writer & Editor

Gerardo Abril

Research Analyst

Kyle Sawyer

Production Assistant

Islam Daghestani 

Marketing Assistant

Rachel O’Bryan

Production Assistant